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Examples of Past Projects by Peterson Geotechnical This retaining wall failed during a rainstorm, while the building was under renovation. Settlement due to poorly compacted basement backfill soil. Soil movement can result in racked interior doors. Settlement results in cracked privacy fences. At this home, the soil settlement was so severe, it resulted in large stucco cracks and broken windows. This shopping center had settled up to 12 inches which caused severe racking of the cooler doors. Soil movement can crack the interior floor slab and reflect through floor tile. This building settled several inches due to collapsible soils.

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Complex problems can require complex sampling and testing procedures. Learn about the sophisticated tooling and methods we frequently use to obtain the data necessary for solving these problems.



Our portfolio of clients includes attorneys, commercial property owners and tenants, homeowners, developers, homebuilders, and subcontractors. We've helped these clients analyze civil and geotechnical engineering problems associated with a wide variety of structures and site conditions.

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Our Team

The management team at Peterson Geotechnical Group consists of a diverse group of professionals. Our geotechnical engineering consultants include civil engineers, geologists, and general contractors.


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Peterson Geotechnical Group is a full-service consulting and engineering firm specializing in geotechnical engineering and related geological sciences.

Peterson Geotechnical Group serves Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. Our diverse clientele includes developers, contractors, insurance entities, attorneys and homeowners.

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