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What Is Forensic Geotechnical Engineering?

Geotechnical Engineering is a branch of Civil Engineering that deals with the behavior of earthen materials and how they interact with man-made elements such as foundations, flatwork, or pipelines. Issues that Geotechnical Engineers may be asked to evaluate include the suitability of potential construction sites, how the soils at the site will behave in their native state or when they are reworked as fill, the ease with which soil and/or rock can be excavated, or if materials at a site are able to support the proposed construction.

Forensic Geotechnical Engineering involves analysis of a project, site conditions, or construction from a geotechnical standpoint. These analyses can be performed during the design phase of a project to check the calculations and engineering assumptions or during and/or after the construction of a project to provide quality assurance or address issues that arise during or after construction. Common issues that may arise that a forensic geotechnical analysis can help with include:

  • Expansive Soils
  • Collapsible Soils
  • Settlement of Shallow and Deep Compacted Fill Soils
  • Moisture Intrusion Below Slabs
  • Soil Corrosion
  • Sulfate Exposure
  • Site Runoff and Drainage
  • Roadway and Parking Area Pavement Failures
  • Slope Stability Failures
  • Foundation Failures
  • Excavation Failures
  • Site Quantity Analysis
  • Differing Site Condition Disputes
  • Underground Pipeline Failures

As you can see, this type of work is a special niche that requires attention to detail, and engaged, highly qualified professionals—exactly what Peterson Geotechnical Group provides. Please contact us for more information.

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Services We Provide What Is Forensic Geotechnical Engineering?

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