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Projects by Peterson Geotechnical Group

Soil Stabilization and Foundation Repair

Soil Stabilization and Foundation Repair

In 2009, a general contractor in Black Canyon City, Arizona hired Peterson Geotechnical Group to evaluate the cause of distress observed at two residences close to the I-17. The contractor noted that heavy construction, including the installation of a large natural gas line, had taken place near the back portion of these two lots. The installation of the natural gas line caused distress at one of the residences and presented some difficulty in the installation of a new septic system at the other home.

We performed an evaluation of the subsurface conditions at the homes by hand-driving a soil sampler and collecting samples of the soil beneath the homes. Laboratory testing was performed on the samples in order to assess the properties of the soil, determine the cause of movement, and formulate a repair plan. From our analysis we determined that the soils beneath one of the residences was not well compacted and relatively loose. We recommended that the soils be stabilized with compaction grouting beneath the interior floor slab.

At the other residence, we noted that the excavation for the new sewer system would likely undermine the existing foundation. Based on this observation, we recommended that the foundation be underpinned with helical piles so that the excavation could be performed to install the new septic system.

Peterson Geotechnical Group, LLC designed these repairs and provided oversight for their installation. We also provided assistance to the excavation contractor so that proper excavation was performed and damage was not done to the residence while installing the septic system.

The Specialists in Forensic Geotechnical Engineering


Our professional, trained staff have evaluated the cause of issues that have arisen on a multitude of dynamic projects. These projects have included litigated matters, surety claims, customer service projects for builders, contractors, and homeowners and the design and oversight of repairs for building owners.

1. Apartment Foundation Investigation 2. Soil Stabilization and Foundation Repair 3. Construction Defect Expert Testimony

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