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Construction Defect Expert Testimony

Construction Defect Expert Testimony

In 2008, we were retained to respond to geotechnically-related allegations of construction defects on behalf of a the developer of a large subdivision in the Phoenix-Metro area.

Our scope of work for this project included:

  • Observation and documentation of the condition of more than 750 homes.
  • Review of more than 50 pre-construction geotechnical reports from the project in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the soil conditions at the site.
  • Review of tens of thousands of photographs taken by the plaintiff's geotechnical expert.
  • Performance of over 200 floor level surveys in order to assess the condition of the interior floor slab.
  • Compilation of our observations and repair recommendations into a matrix.
  • Preparation of reports and letters in order to convey our opinions and address the allegations leveled by the plaintiff's experts.

While many construction-defect lawsuits are settled prior to a trial, this project proceeded to the trial phase. Therefore, our involvement in this project culminated with Curt Peterson, P.E., providing testimony on behalf of the developer.

The Specialists in Forensic Geotechnical Engineering


Our professional, trained staff have evaluated the cause of issues that have arisen on a multitude of dynamic projects. These projects have included litigated matters, surety claims, customer service projects for builders, contractors, and homeowners and the design and oversight of repairs for building owners.

1. Apartment Foundation Investigation 2. Soil Stabilization and Foundation Repair 3. Construction Defect Expert Testimony

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