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Services of Peterson Geotechnical Group

Geotechnical Consulting Services

Peterson Geotechnical Group specializes in forensic geotechnical evaluations. Typically, this includes studying and diagnosing the cause of movement that has led to cracks, separations, and other types of distress in relatively newer buildings. Our evaluations typically culminate with written reports of our findings, opinions, and repair recommendations for the project.

The application of forensic evaluations can apply to a wide variety of projects, including:

  • Providing expert witness testimony for litigated matters and ROC complaints
  • Customer service issues for home builders, developers, general and sub-contractors
  • Independent evaluations for insurance companies and insurance adjusters
  • Surety evaluations for insurance and bonding companies
  • Forensic construction engineering, analysis and consulting
  • Construction defects analysis
  • Foundation repair analysis and recommendations
  • Drainage surveys
  • Soil sampling and analysis to address expansive soil problems and soil stabilization issues

Our forensic evaluations include studying and diagnosing the cause of:

  • Cracks and separations in residential and commercial construction. The majority of the homes we evaluate are relatively newer construction; however, some of the structures that we evaluate are in excess of 50 years and have suddenly developed cracks.
  • Settlement or collapse of roadway backfill, sewer trench backfill, retaining wall backfill, and backfill adjacent to basement or underground parking garages
  • Moisture intrusion that has caused flooring installation and adherence issues within the interior of homes, office buildings, and garages
  • Settlement or heaving of pools, patio decks, driveways, and sidewalks.
  • Cracks in drywall, stucco, tile, fences, concrete foundations, block walls, block fences, sidewalks, and driveways
  • Surface runoff and drainage analysis within individual properties and along the perimeters of subdivisions and dry washes.

Additional issues we address include:

  • Sulfates on concrete and in soil; concrete deterioration from sulfates
  • Concrete and cement corrosion
  • Concrete failure
  • Diagonal cracks in stucco and windows
  • Sloping floors
  • Sticking doors and doors out-of-square
  • Basement flooding and leaks
  • Sinking driveways, sinking parking lots, and sink holes caused by water leaks
  • Sidewalk tripping hazards
  • Parking lot flooding and drainage problems
  • Yard flooding problems and drainage issues
  • Sinking roadways due to buried utility lines
  • Problems arising during construction
  • Soil nails, micro piles, earth anchors, and earth retention issues

Our legal consulting services include:

  • Expert analysis and preparation of construction claims
  • Differing site condition claims
  • Surety bond claim analysis
  • Providing expert witness testimony for construction defects ligitation
  • Serving as a plaintiff geotechnical expert

The Specialists in Forensic Geotechnical Engineering


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